Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm not really negligent, I promise

So, last week I mentioned that emergency personnel had to be called to the daycare to free one of my students' feet from a table that he had somehow managed to become stuck in during naptime. Yeah, I know. Naptime is an odd time to find oneself stuck in a table. And for that matter, a table is an odd object to find onself stuck in.

Anyway, I bring that little jewel of a memory up to tell you about what happened to this same child this afternoon. The kids were playing in centers. Alex was working a puzzle. I was putting my book center back together after what I can only assume was a tornado that blew through it. I had a clear line of sight to all of the children.

Evidently Alex lost track of one of the pieces of the puzzle he was working on. He assumed it had fallen on the floor, so he crawled under the table (not the same table as last week's episode of The Preschool Files) to find it. I don't know if someone startled him or what, but he ended up hitting his head on the table when he came back up. And immediately he had what appeared to be a horn above his right eye. I got him an ice pack and made sure he hadn't concussed. He was perfectly fine - except for the large protrusion on his forehead, of course. Not even so much as a headache.

Someone please tell me why it's always the kid who gets notes sent home about his inability to follow directions that ends up injured on my watch. If I didn't know any better, I'd be suspicious of me.

Here's the kicker: the puzzle piece he was looking for was underneath the puzzle the whole time.

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