Saturday, August 25, 2007

getting specific

Well, I had planned to use this past week to reinforce the habits I had already begun to establish. How'd that work out for me? Not so well. I think perhaps because I haven't really been specific with my game plans for them.

The last time I went for a walk/jog was Monday night. I really need to come up with another way to exercise until it cools off around here. Waiting until the temps get below 90 degrees is not safe right now - it's usually after 9pm and the street I have to start off on is not well-lit and does not have sidewalks. I guess I need to make use of the stepper in our spare room. The problem with that is that I don't get the quality time with Hubby that I get from the walks.

My shiny sink has only been shiny one day this week. It's the putting the clean dishes away that gets me every time. I just don't make the time to do it, so I end up with nowhere to put the dirty dishes except the sink. So what's my game plan on this one? Well, my mornings are pretty full with Bible reading and morning computer time before work. So maybe I can do it once I get supper started. I'm already in the kitchen at that point anyway. Hubby does a great job of helping me clear up after supper, so if the dishwasher doesn't have clean dishes in it, it will be just another 30 seconds to our clean-up to put our supper dishes in the dishwasher.

The one habit I've kept with consistently this week is my Bible reading. But even there I think I have room for improvement. Lately I've just been reading whatever page my Bible happens to open to. I feel that I need to have a plan for this habit too, in order to actually grow and develop a closer relationship with God. Otherwise, my daily reading is no more effective than reading the newspaper or whatever novel is lying around. So I'm going to make use of my Strong's Concordance and pick a subject for each week. I'm also going to keep a notebook with my Bible and take notes. And perhaps come up with a blog post on the subject on Sundays.

So now I'm up for another week of reinforcement. Only this time, I have a more specific game plan.


Rebecca said...

I know what you mean about the heat. I haven't taken my kids to the park because it's been too hot and without rain out here they shut down the splash park. Using the stepper is a good idea. Maybe if your hubby sits in the same room as you, you can still get the quality time by sharing in conversation. Emptying the dishwasher really is the key for a clean sink isn't it? Much like emptying the dryer {and folding and putting away} is the key to an empty hamper for myself. I like your idea of using the concordance to have a specific topic to study each week. I'd also recommend Beth Moore Bible studies, they are so good.

The Lazy Organizer said...

That sounds like a good game plan! One thing I think you should try is setting a timer while you're emptying the dishwasher. Make a game out of it to see how fast you can get those dishes put away. I used to do that when I had a dishwasher. I got really fast!

Thea said...

I always do better when I have a specific game plan, too. It sounds like you are off to a great start!

Good luck this week!