Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a View!

I'm still hosting Photo Day over at Create a Connection. This week I'm asking everyone to get a shot of the view from their windows. I want to see what everyone else sees when they open their blinds.

Now, in our new apartment, we don't have windows. We have sliding glass doors in the bedroom and living room that open out to the balcony. That's it. So here's my view.

That last one is what I can see if I stand on top of a chair in the living room and zoom as far as the camera will let me. We've got a mountain view if I cheat!

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Melba said...

In my early 20's I lived California for a few years (I am from the east coast and live in MA now) there were many apartment complexes like the one you live in. I had never seen any before and thought they were all so cool. I even worked at one for a while so I could live rent free.