Thursday, December 13, 2007

the prodigal blogger returns

Dear Loyal Readers Reader,

I've been a very lazy blogger since relocating. After the incredible journey, there was about a month where I just didn't have much blogworthy material. I didn't have any funny stories from work, since I was busy housewifing it up and getting all buddy-buddy with Oprah and Phil. Then I found a job and was just too tired after work to blog. And the longer I went without blogging anything substantial, the harder blogging seemed.

So you have been subjected to about 3 months of memes and mediocrity. And for this, you have my heartfelt apologies. And an early new year's resolution to be a better blogger. I will not promise daily posts. That's just setting myself up for failure. But I will do my best to have something besides menus and photo hunt posts each week. And I intend to be more consistent on those posts as well.

And now, for a peace offering and your viewing pleasure, I present to you "Oh, Santa" from VeggieTales.

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