Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photo Hunt: High

I just could not fight the urge to post this shot of American Idol contestant Jason Castro when I realized that this week's theme was "HIGH." I dare you to tell me he doesn't look it.

On a more serious note, here is a shot of The Stratosphere in Las Vegas. It's one of the hotels on the strip, and it also happens to be the tallest observation tower in the United States - 1149 feet tall. That's pretty HIGH up there. It also has rides at the top, but I would have to be HIGH for you to convince me that it would be a good idea to try any of them.

The observation deck of The Stratosphere is where I got this shot of Las Vegas at night:

And I have to admit, I did experience a bit of a HIGH from the sheer magnitude of the city of Las Vegas.


John said...

Great pictures for this weeks "high" theme.

TorAa said...

No doubt, your PH is High.

Sarge Charlie said...

nice photos, excellent entry