Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life, Interrupted

I know I haven't been very talkative lately. Sorry about that. I just have a lot on my plate at the moment. Hubby was laid off shortly after the 4th of July and we've been trying to work out all the details involved in getting back home. He's been back in Tennessee for a couple of weeks now, pounding the pavement in hopes of figuring out at least what area we're looking to move to. I've been here in Arizona, sweating like a pig and slowly packing things up. So that's what's been going on lately.

Because life just keeps throwing me curveballs lately, I wasn't too surprised when the computer decided to crap out on me this week. Frustrated and incredibly peeved, yes. But not surprised. I took it to Best Buy yesterday after work and paid them $70 just so they can run diagnostics and tell me what's wrong with it. Ugh. This is the first time I've ever had to pay for anything like this...usually Hubby takes care of it on his own, but since he's out of town and will need the computer to be functioning properly when he returns, I'm doing what needs to be done.

So I am currently blogging from the public library. It's not like I'm completely cut off from the outside world at home. I can get online with the Wii. It's just that typing takes forever when you have to point and click on each letter.

Anyway, don't expect to hear much from me for a while. No Photo Hunting. No Weekly Winners. No random actual post posts. At least until our computer is back up and running. And even then, I may not have the time or energy until we are once more in God's country. Know that I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth. I'm just digging my way out of the crap-pile that life currently sees fit to bury me in.

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Anonymous said...

Did the geek squad not know what the cause was?

Or did they just charge you the money and tell you tohave a nice day?

- Sneaker