Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Have You

My focus has been elsewhere of late. I should be rejoicing in the blessings I am drowning in, instead of sorrowing over the little that I have sacrificed.

I have you. Those three words seem so small on paper. They take up next to no space on my monitor. But in my heart there is nothing more magnanimous. I have you. Just the thought makes my heart swell to three times its normal size. And since, to my knowledge, I suffer from no abnormal heart size issues such as the Grinch once had, I love you so much it literally hurts. Which brings to mind a great song:

Hurt so good
Come on baby make it hurt so good
Sometimes love dont feel like it should
You make it hurt so good

I'm not as attentive as I should be. I still take you for granted. It's so easy to settle into the routine of daily life and just not think about how amazing that life truly is.

Forgive me for my failings.

May God help me to remember that I have you.

Or, as another song would put it:

They say we`re young and we don`t know
Won`t find out till we grow
Well I don`t know if all that`s true
Cause you got me and baby I got you
Babe, I got you babe,
I got you, babe.
They say our love won`t pay the rent
Before it`s earn`d our money`s always spent
I guess that`s so, we don`t have a lot
But at least i`m sure of all the things we got
Babe, I got you babe,
I got you, babe.
I got flowers in the spring
I got you, to wear my ring
And when i`m sad, you`re a clown
And when I get scared you`re always around
So let them say your hair`s too long
I don`t care, with you I can`t do wrong
And put your little hand in mine
There ain`t no hill or mountain we can`t climb
Babe, I got you babe,
I got you, babe.
I got you to hold my hand
I got you to understand
I got you to walk with me
I got you to talk with me
I got you to kiss goodnight
I got you to hold me tight
I got you I won`t let go
I got you to love me so
I got you, babe



jen said...

nice. really nice. it's very easy to do, and very good to remind ourselves of where it is really at.

Sensei Michael said...

Aw shucks.