Friday, November 10, 2006

my theory on evolution

After work today, my husband took me to Sonic for a strawberry limeade (I have a sore throat and he thought it would help). While we were there, he pointed out a couple of teenage boys who were putting ice into coolers in the trunk of their car. One was throwing the bags of ice up in the air and then running to avoid being hit in the head when the ice came down. I assume he was breaking the ice, but anyway...

Witnessing that display of...well, the only non-curse-word that I can come up with for it is stupidity, reaffirmed my belief that there has to be a God. And here's why.

If there were no God, and all that is came to be through evolution and survival of the fittest, surely there would no longer be stupid people. They would have long ago died out. Killed themselves off probably. The fact that this boy throwing ice and dodging it actually exists is proof of the existance of a merciful God. And the fact that I have to live on the same planet with said ice-dodger and the like is proof of a vengeful God.

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