Sunday, February 11, 2007

Loved Like That

Sherman Pore "auditioned" for American Idol as a tribute to his wife. He referred to her as "my lady" as he spoke of her struggle with cancer and how her spirits had been lifted before her passing by his preparation for the audition. He then proceeded to sing "You Belong to Me" as though to his "lady." It was a truly moving tribute of love.

Somewhere deep down, I believe everyone has a longing to be loved like that. To have your feelings be another human being's top priority. To be treasured. To be cherished. To be taken care of.

I believe we were designed by God with these innate longings. The Bible states that God is love, and that we are created in His image. That being the case, then we were literally born to love. Not necessarily a showy, chocolate hearts and roses kind of love. A real-life, everyday love. The kind of love that keeps the gas tank full and throws a towel in the dryer in the morning for you. The kind of love that somehow just knows you won't feel up to cooking supper tonight and stops by the Chinese restaurant on the way home from work. The kind of love that thinks about you when they stop at a store on the way home, and buys your favorite candy bar as a "just because" treat. The kind of love that passes up those awesome shoes so that you can buy that game you've been drooling over for months. The kind of love that surprises you with those awesome shoes with the next little bit of extra spending money. The kind of love that does everything in its power to make your fairy tale dreams a reality, even if their dreams have to be put on hold.

Maybe I'm wrong; maybe not everyone longs for that kind of love. But those of us who are fortunate enough to have found it should never let it blend into the woodwork of life. It is something precious to be marveled at constantly. It is something for which to be truly grateful. And I am.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Irene said...

I saw that episode of American Idol and got all teary-eyed when I heard that man sing his heart out for the love of his life.

Happy Valentine's Day! =)