Monday, February 26, 2007

Rubber Chicken Breast Implants*

I enjoy watching the Game Show Network (GSN). I like playing the games from the comfort of my own couch and often amuse myself by heckling the contestants. I mean, some of these people give some pretty dumb answers.

For example, take the show Chain Reaction. Ever seen it? The premise is to come up with the 5 words that have been chosen to connect the 2 words given at the beginning of the round. Say, the round starts with the challenge to connect "ant" to "kisses" (I'll use the example from the commercial). They give you one letter at a time and you can choose which word you want to build from (either down from "ant" or up from "kisses").


Every 2 word set is an actual phrase ("ant hill," "hill billy," etc).

Anyway, yesterday I was watching Chain Reaction and we got to this point in a round:


So, we're looking for a word that starts with L and that makes sense following the word "street." The contestant's guess? "Lady." Wow.


* The title of this post was the answer to one of the speed chains, in case you were wondering. I pondered for quite some time over whether that would be rubber breast implants for chickens or breast implants for rubber chickens.

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